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Clean And Decontaminate The Heavy Roller Chain Regularly


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Regularly oil the heavy roller chain(GETECHAIN) with an oil can or oil brush. Oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication, both of which use a sealed transmission case. The former heavy roller chain and sprocket are partially immersed in oil, while splash lubrication is splashed with a larger diameter slick pan. The oil is lubricated, and the oil is dripped through the oil pipe to the gap between the inner and outer chain plates of the loose side. The oil pump pressure is lubricated by oil, and the oil pump continuously supplies oil to the heavy roller chain through the oil pipe, and the circulating oil can function as lubrication and cooling.

1. For the tightness of heavy roller chains, do not over-tighten or loosen them, which will damage the chain.

2. The heavy roller chain should be kept clean to avoid exposure to sunlight and rain and to prevent contact with substances such as acids and alkaline organic solvents.

3. If the heavy roller chain is seriously worn, replace the new chain and other parts to ensure good results so that it can extend the life.

4. Heavy roller chain should be lubricated in time during work, which can make the chain work more smoothly and quickly, and reduce wear and tear.

5. The old chain cannot be mixed with the new chain. This should cause an impact and damage the chain.

6. When the heavy roller chain is not used for the time, it can be cleaned with diesel or kerosene, and then the oil is placed in a dry place.

Always maintain good lubrication, which is an important item in maintenance work. Regardless of the type of lubrication used, the most important is to distribute the grease in a timely and even distribution into the gap of the chain hinge. If it is not necessary, try not to use heavy oil or grease with a higher viscosity because they will easily block the gap to the friction surface of the hinge together with the dust after a period of use. Regularly clean and decontaminate the heavy roller chain, and check the lubrication effect frequently. If necessary, disassemble the inspection pin shaft and sleeve. If the friction surface is brown or dark brown, the oil supply is generally insufficient and the lubrication is poor.

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