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Pros & Cons of Anabolic Cooking


Like every product or things, this cookbook also has some pros and cons. With the mentioning about the positive and negative sides of this book, the review will not be completed. Mentions below are some of the remarkable pros for following this guide.

  • This book has a large collection of recipes for avoiding any monotonous pattern in eating style. There are about 200+ recipes that cover different food types.
  • Recipes are easy to make and can be prepared very quickly. The process is given in step by step manner which makes the recipe very easy to understand.
  • Every recipe page gives additional information about the nutritional value of the prepared meal. Thus, you will be having an idea of the calorie you are taking as food.
  • This book has meal plans which are very helpful for any athletes or bodybuilders. Thus you will be able to make a meal plan with little effort.
  • All meals are made by using ingredients that very affordable in the market. This also helps in saving money and also teaches you how to cook for yourself.
  • The numbers of vegetarian recipes are not sufficient enough. The vegan will have very few choices for the recipes.
  • This book uses the sweetener named Splenda in their recipes. Bodybuilders allege that using Splenda is not good for health.
  • Most of the recipes are based on the grain which according to some bodybuilders can cause fattening.
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