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What are the Types of HRT ?


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HRT is available as tablets, skin patches or gel. The patches are usually changed twice a week and the gel is applied to your skin daily. The tablets are usually taken daily.

If you still have a womb (uterus) it is important that a progestogen is combined with the oestrogen. When you take oestrogen the lining of your womb can build up which can increase your risk of cancer. However, taking progestogen completely reverses this risk.

If you are still having regular periods, then you will be given a type of HRT than still gives you a monthly period (technically a withdrawal bleed). This type of HRT needs to be taken for around a year.

If you have not had a period for one year or if you have taken HRT for one year then it is likely you will be given a type of HRT which does not give you a period. It can be common and completely normal to have some light bleeding or spotting in the first few months of using this type of HRT. However, if you experience heavy or prolonged vaginal bleeding then you need to inform your doctor.

If you have a history of a clot, migraine, diabetes or liver disease then you can still take HRT but it is likely that you will be recommended to use a patch or gel rather than a tablet. This is a safer and associated with fewer risks compared to having the tablet form of oestrogen. The progestogen is usually still given as a tablet though.

There are many different preparations of HRT and if one type does not suit you then it is very likely that another type will suit you.
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