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Why are so many athletes using steroids?


Steroid Freak
At some point, the human body needs to level up. But organic growth is slow. Too slow for the competitive demands of sport. And too slow for the athlete too. Remember, these are guys (and girls) who don’t list patience in their character profile. They want results – now.

So what are they meant to do? Their sport demands more and more. Other athletes – and the younger ones snapping at their heels – are gonna take risks. Take the drugs, get better, stay ahead of the pack.

You’ve gotta understand the mindset of a competitive athlete. They’re not regular human beings. It’s not difficult to see why so many of them risk steroids.

But you’re not a pro athlete. If you were caught taking steroids, you could lose your job, your relationship, heck even your kids. It’s just not worth it.
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